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Active Start

Gymnastics is the ideal Active Start activity.  Classes, focus on creating movement challenges for children to explore and resolve. Children PLAY at their own pace and lessons are structured to allow for individual differences. All pre-school age children should have the opportunity to participate in a gymnastics program

  • Walking - 3 years - Parent and tot classes
  • 3 - 4.5 years - Kinder Kids


Gymnastics For All

Gymnastics For All (GFA) includes all non-competitive programs offered. GFA is available for all age ranges, abilities and program goals. These programs are geared towards having fun, developing fitness and acquiaring fundamental skills. Gymnastics provides a solid foundation for important skills such as blance, strength, flexibility and overall body awareness that can be transferred in to all other athletic activities.

  • 6 - 13 years - Fundamentals / Ninjas / Parkour/ Trampoline/ Freestyle Trampline
  • 13+ years - Highschool Tumble & Gym / Freestyle Trampoline/Parkour
  • Adults -Artistic Gymnastics / Trampoline Gymnastics/ Parkour

Trampoline (Competitive)

These programs focus on participants who have chosen to specialize in Trampoline Gymnastics as their primary activity. Partiicpation may be at an advanced recreational or competitive level, basic skills are well established and there is a long term comittment to the sport. Fun is still important and it takes on a different meaning as training becomes more structured and skill oriented.


Artistic Gymnastics

Whistler Gymnastics offers competitive and pre-competitive levels of training for Artistic Gymnastics. Training hours for athletes will vary depending on their age, ability level and level of competition. All athletes are expected to represent their club at competitions in BC. Both competitive and pre-competitive programs are under the guidance of the artistic head coach.

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