Creating Foundations, Building Confidence, Inspiring Dreams.

Our Facility

Oros Whistler Gymnastics Centre is the name of our training facility. Oros means "Mountain in Greek. Whistler Gymnastics is the name of the artistic and trampoline gymnastics program. Our training facility hosts visiting teams from all over the world asking to augment their sport training with gymnastics. We also are fully equip to host our own Whistler Summer Classic Meet, Gymnastics BC National Training Camps, Dry Land Training and much, much more....

Our Vision

A leading Canadian centre for sport excellence based on gymnastic* activity.(Gymnastics Activities include: artistic, trampoline,acrobatic, and aerobic)

Our Values

We will remain small enough to hold true value and big enough to be a model of sport excellence.

We will positively impact the development of children in becoming great individuals through the exposure to the fun, fitness and fundamentals of sport.

We will provide the opportunity to experience the virtues of sport:

  • Play
  • Individualized Effort
  • Teamwork
  • Self-motivation
  • Commitment
  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Creativity
  • Self-esteem

We will provide a positive sport environment based on the following values:

  • Respect & Caring, Action Oriented, Passionate 
  • Involvement, Leadership, Professionalism, Ethics, 
  • Cooperation, Commitment, Enthusiasm & Innovation

Our Goals

Program Excellence and Diversity;
Sound Business Management Program;
Affordability and Access;
High level of customer services and participant care;
Leadership in sport delivery;
Promotion of Sport for Life.

Meet the Coaches, Management & Directors

We are constantly working on how we can provide the absolute best experience and environment for our members. It is our awesome team here at Whistler Gymnastics that helps to make it all happen....stay tuned for intros for our staff for the current 2021 Fall Season.

The Coaches...

Trampoline Head Coach - Tanya Liquorish

Artistic Gymnastics Head Coach - Karin Jarratt

GFA Coordinator - Adria Pitawanakwat

The Management...

Club Manager- Catou Tyler

Club Administrator - Steve Shore

The Directors...

Member at Large - Audra Williams

BOD Member/ President - Tami Mitchell

BOD Member / Secretary - Susie Douglas

BOD Member / Treasurer - Nadia Dembers

BOD Member/ Member at Large - Allyson Sutton

BOD Member / Member at Large - Jon Decaigny

BOD Member / Member at Large - Daniel Wallman

BOD Member /   Member at Large - Wendy Miron

Club Meetings

August 2021

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