What is your refund policy?

Gymnastics BC Membership fees are non-refundable

Program fees, upon written request, are refundable minus a 10% administration fee until:

      1. September 30 for GFA programs and annual Competitive/ Interclub programs

        2. New GFA members in winter and spring sessions are allowed a one-month adjustment

Medical Refunds, upon written request, for periods of 3 weeks or more will be awarded only with the provision of a medical certificate. (Refunds are prorated to the latter date of written notification(including medical) or actual program withdrawal.

Any other refund requests outside this policy must be submitted to the BOD in writing for special request consideration.

Can my sport Cross Train at Whistler Gymnastics?

Absolutely! Whistler Gymnastics is a huge supporter of Cross training. Cross training increases body awareness, coordination, and air sense using gymnastics foundations. This program allows athletes of all sport backgrounds to benefit from the use of gymnastics equipment and training. Within these sessions athletes will learn safety techniques for falling and landing. They will also become increasingly more agile and adaptable. Please contact us for rates and information.

Do you offer Birthday Party Bookings?

Yes. Please e-mail info@whistlergymnastics.com for dates and prices.

How Do I Register My Child For Classes?

To register your child you first need to create a profile for yourself, the parent, within our online registration system, UPLIFTER. Click on the Green 'Register' Button located on most of our pages create your profile. When you have completed your own profile you then must 'ADD PARTICIPANT' under your profile. This is where you enter all of your child's details. At this point you are ready to search for and register them for the class you would like. Please be sure that upon registration you add your child and not yourself to the registrar! 

If you come across any issues you can always contact us at the gym and we will be happy to help you out! 

What should my child wear to gymnastics?

For safety and comfort, girls may wear a leotard or shorts/sweats and T shirt. Nylon tights are not allowed unless they are footless. Bare feet is best. Long hair must be pulled back for safety. Boys should wear gym shorts and T shirts or sweats. No jewelry or shoes (unless gymnastics or trampoline shoes) permitted in the gym. Visit our website for Oros Whistler Gymnastics “T” shirts, and other gym clothing available for purchase

Is Whistler Gymnastics a recreational or competitive gym?

Whistler Gymnastics is both a recreational and competitive athletic facility for Artistic and Trampoline Gymnastics. Recreation programs offer a variety of progressive curriculum activities suitable for all genders, age groups and abilities that contribute to personal health, fitness and well-being. Developmental, Performance and Competitive programs offer training for athletes working towards provincial and national competitions.