Purdy's Easter Fundraiser - Deadline March 20th

January 31, 2021

Dear Members,

From now until March 20th, you can order Purdy’s treats from our fundraiser by joining our campaign and browsing the tastiest selection of Easter chocolates online. After all orders are submitted, we’ll sort, distribute and let you know when you can collect your goodies.

What you’ll need to order:

  1. Our campaign number: 30202
  2. Go to our fundraising website: https://fundraising.purdys.com/230742-103610
  3. Click “Join Campaign”
  4. Shop, shop, shop away!

Thank you EVERYONE for your support. Anyone can order our amazing chocolates so please invite others to join and support our Fundraising Campaign!

Order collection is from April 3rd from our gym facilities in Whistler and Pemberton. Note: please indicate a "pem" at end of name for Pemberton pick up.

Happy chocolating!