Introducing Xcel to BC

August 12, 2020

The US AG Xcel competitive program! This program will act to bridge the gap between the Gymnastics For All Interclub and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics JO programs.

WAG Xcel Replacing Interclub Performance and Performance Challenge

The Xcel program is an alternative competitive program offering flexibility to coaches and gymnasts; its goal is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels with the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience.

The Xcel program will replace the Interclub Performance Plus and Performance Challenge categories.

In its inaugural season, the first three divisions of the Xcel program will be adopted; bronze, silver, and gold. The bronze, silver, and gold divisions will allow a level playing field for athletes, without changing the Interclub Program’s relaxed, competitive environment. The Xcel program also provides a robust and consistent scoring system.

Athlete training hours are not expected to change; athletes will still compete optional routines, but under a set of rules that is more structured than in the Interclub program.

Some of the positive aspects of introducing Xcel in BC include:

  • Ability for gymnasts to set routine goals within a relaxed structure to match their level of performance and receive scores and rankings.
  • Structured rules, providing a systematic evaluation process will allow athletes to monitor their progress easily.
  • The similarities between Xcel and JO rules will make it easier for athletes, coaches, judges, parents, and clubs.

Rationale and Implementation Measures

A working group comprised of both GFA and WAG program community members closely considered the prospects of using the Xcel rules for Interclub athletes and chose to move forward with adopting the program. Moving forward, a committee will help facilitate the delivery and smooth implementation of Xcel in BC.

Membership Categories

Xcel athletes will fall under the Competitive Athlete registration category. Interclub Performance will remain under its current membership category.

Category 2020-21Category 2019-20JO Equivalence Recommended # of training hours:

Interclub Performance Interclub Performance / 2- 4 hrs

Xcel Bronze Interclub Performance Plus JO 1-2 / 2-4 hours

Xcel Silver Interclub Performance Plus JO 1-2-3 / 4-6 hours

Xcel Gold Performance Plus / Challenge JO 3-6 /6-8 hours